Recap on Oktopost Social Media Marketing Platform

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Here is a quick recap on Oktopost, a powerful social media marketing application I have the pleasure to be working on since late June 2011. My contribution to Oktopost is mainly design, user experience and front-end development. The idea behind Oktopost came up while working with Nolio on B2B marketing campaigns, our main effort was to create and push out content like blog posts, whitepapers, webinars in any way we could and eventually generate leads.

Since our audience was very specific, Nolio had applied a lot of resources on ad campaigns. Until then, Nolio used social media to a small degree that was limited to several updates on Twitter, LinkedIn and their Facebook page. We noticed at some point that a simple Tweet or LinkedIn group discussion can generate more traffic than an ad on Google, and yield better results.

Our first attempt at Oktopost was building a simple social media publishing tool that could post on all major networks, while the biggest challenge was LinkedIn groups that just released their API. After giving it a couple of months in closed Alpha tests, in which several B2B oriented companies took place, we understood the amazing potential this tool has. Traffic in some company soared by 20% to 30%, while thousands of dollars worth of leads were generated, projecting a great value.

Oktopost was officially launched in January this year with a very competitive freemium model aiming at marketing teams in B2B oriented companies. Our latest summer release is by far the biggest change we made so far in the product, including unique social marketing features such as:

  1. The social inbox – while publishing on social media, a lot of posts would generate conversations and comment that could not be tracked. We decided to add an inbox that gathers all of the comments your posts have generated in one place and lets review the threads, reply or flag any comment.
  2. Lead capture – our B2B perspective and experience has brought us to a conclusion that social media should be examined and measured just like any other marketing channel. The lead capture feature, lets track users from the moment they clicked on link you posted on your message up to the point they become a viable lead.
  3. Cross campaign view – Oktopost lets you organize your social media marketing activities in campaigns, which are basically containers for posts that have a common goal. Our scheduler is available throughout the application, but most social media scheduling is done through the main calendar tab that offers a cross campaign overview.
  4. LinkedIn specialty – Oktopost has a unique scheduling interface that really enables you to use LinkedIns’ group mechanism to your advantage. Some of the best features include the option to easily post simultaneously on a dozen groups or more and choosing tabs to post on.
  5. URL shortner – This neat feature enables you to shorten any URL without having to leave the scheduling interface.
  6. integration – Oktopost can not only capture leads but can also help you push the leads on to your sales department. The first step we took in this direction is which syncs Oktopost leads with your account.

More details about our summer release are available on our social marketing blog.

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