We love open source. We mainly use WordPress and Prestashop. However, we do not shy from developing our own solutions using the latest web technologies.

OS Platforms

We love Open-Source. Using OS platforms saves time and provides a high-end solution to most requirements. Frequent software updates from the OS community allow us to give the best and most modern solution possible. By using OS we allow our clients complete freedom in choosing a service provider to maintain their website.

Custom Development

If there’s a will there’s a way. The online media is fast growing and evolving, open to unique ideas the internet is ripe with opportunities that can be taken by entrepreneurs. Our knowledge in OS technologies enables us to provide custom solutions for any project you can think of.

Social Media

The social media cloud is the driving force of the internet. Our profound knowledge of integrating with the social cloud enables us to deliver anything from content sharing to sophisticated social applications.

Hosting and Maintenance

We provide our clients with an affordable solution for web-hosting on our well-maintained server. Our server is able to provide the required infrastructure for any application, platform or website up to a large scale.