Lecture Monkey

Creating an HTML5 Web Application for Lecture Monkey

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Lecture Monkey is an iPhone app that automatically records lectures and lets you view them later on their website. In this project we were hired to help create the brand and to develop the web interface. For the brand aspect we chose to focus on the fun part and create a brand that students can easily relate to, in order to create the graphics we aided in Estudio Goro, who delivered the wonderful logo, mascot and icon.

After creating the brand, we started working on the technical aspect of realizing the website and web-interface. The challenge was to create an interface that can read audio and video files from a local machine using HTML5 newest file API, still in very early stages, this technology was very experimental. We were able to deliver a fully working web interface that uses only front-end technologies, which means its infinitely scalable, to drag and drop the files, and play them in a neat, full-screen slider.

The application is now widely available and can be downloaded from iTunes.