Complete web services suite for a traveling platform.

Back to Work

Tellavista is a platform for booking short term rentals online. Tellavista hired our services in 2010 us in order to help them realize new features and maintain the platform. Since we took on the project we helped Tellavista in many different ways:

Code Revolution

When we first started working on Tellavista we received the platforms’ source code which was, to say the least, a complete mess. Bad coding habits usually harm the ability to produce new features and to change new ones.

Starting 2011 we finished revising the platforms’ source code and architecture to fit modern day standards. Since then, we produced dozens of new features including:

  • 3rd party integrations, including: iCal vacancies, Google maps, payment gateway and more.
  • Ajax driven search engine.
  • Price calculator.
  • New interface for apartment owners.
  • Coupon codes.

Among other benefits the new code has resulted is over a %100 increase in site performance, and a %30 faster development rate!

Moving To The Cloud

The first thing every web platform needs is a solid infrastructure. We took Tellavista from a completely non-scalable, shared hosting solution to the Rackspace cloud and deployed the application on a highly scalable, yet cost effective web-server that can serve millions of users over a monthly time period.

Design Makeover

At first, we took on Tellavista as a strictly development project and quickly started to give our input and advise once a good co-operation was established. We helped them, over time, realize their vision to create a site that fits international standards in both UI and UX. The new UI and improvements have helped Tellavista increase engagement and achieve higher conversion rates.